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The End of Half of an Era!

First post in ages haha school took over my life!

Yesterday I watched Berryz Koubou's last performance and also Buono!'s last performance ans I was almost crying as much as Airi Suzuki! It is so sad to see them leave it's funny because I never even thought they would end  because they have been together for so long I love the Hello!Project Kids they were what kept me interested in Hello!Project although my favorite group out of the two is C-ute I still loved Berryz Koubou I think maybe Buono! is my favoite group in all of H!P though they are a sub group I remember I started listening to them around when they were first anounced so that last performance was really emotional for me! I hope that when it comes time for C-ute to leave that ALL the members of Berryz Koubou come back as well as the C-ute members who left come back to perform again not as C-ute and Berryz Koubou but as the Hello!Project Kids .

I will leave this short and sweet! 

The new Hello!Project

I thought that for this post I would do my favorite members in all groups in Hello!Project.
I figured that with all these new members coming in and new groups being created I should organize my thoughts on the current members expessioly since there are auditions for a 12thgen for Momusu. So I thought of ways I could do this so I decided I would go through each group and put them in order of favorite to lease favorite.

So I will start with C-ute
1 - Airi Suzuki
I think she has the best voice in H!P and she is so beautiful plus I love her personality it is so cute.

2 - Saki Nakajima
I think she has a cute and unique voice and I like it. A lot of people don't like her voice but I think it is nice and I like her personality she is a leader and she is pretty good at being an MC.
3 - Mai Hagiwara
4 - Maimi Yajima
5 - Chisato Okai

Next group is Berryz Koubou
1 - Miyabi Natsuyaki
I love Miyabi she has a beautiful voice and she is so mature and pretty. She is an exelent MC. I wonder though how her acting is I think she might be a good actress.
2 - Risako
Part of the reason why I liked Risako since I first started listening to Berryz is because she is part Canadian. Since I am also Canadian I feel like I can relate to her more (I know that does not make much sense)
I love her voice though it is nice and her personality is cute.
3 - Chinami
I love Chii she is so interesting and funny I love how she tryes to speak English. She used to be one of my least favorites when I first started listening to Berryz but the more I watched her the more she grew on me and now she is number 3.
4 - Saki
Saki is interesting at first I was not sure how I felt about her but after a while she grew on me and thus her spot here. I think she has an interesting voice. I am also glad she grew out her hair I think she looks better with longer hair.
5 - Masada
Massa is 5 because I am still not sure about her but I do like her voice so she is not last and from what I have seen her personality is interesting but still not sure so I will leave her here for now.
6 - Momoko
Momoko used to be higher she used to be 2nd on my list until she invented Momochi. I am so tired of it she has over played it. She has a nice voice but you would not know with her momochi act. I love her in Buono! because I get to see her more mature side and her real singing. But when she is in Berryz she uses her momochi thing all the time now so she is lower. If she stops her momochi she will go up again.
7 - Yurina
I will be frank I do not really like her voice that much it is ok but I don't like it too much. But her personality is nice she is interesting.

Next is Morning Musume
Morning Musume group
1 - Mizuki Fukumura
I don't know what it is but from the moment I saw her she bacame my favorit. Even now her position has not changed the only other time when this happened is when Kago Ai was in Momusu. As she started to get more lines I am starting to like her even more. I love her voice her personality she is so mature and cute at the same time.
9th Gen - Mizuki Fukumura
2 - Erina Ikuta
I have liked her even before momusu so I was happy when she became a member. I love her she is so cute and her personality is unique. She has not had much lines but I hope she does in future songs.
9th Gen - Erina Ikuta
3 - Sayumi Michishige
I think that she is amazing to be able to be in this for so long even though people have said she can't sing that well. I put her here because she has an amazing personality she is a good leader and she may not have the best voice but she has let Momusu in a good direction. I am not too worried about momusu after she graduates because she has guided them so well. I give her credit.
4 - Masaki Satou
She has a cute and bubbly personality that keeps me interested. She has a cute voice and it matches her personality. I really started to like her after I heard the 10th Gen song in the One, Two, Three single. I loved the live performance she was so cute after that I started liking her more so that is why she is number 4.
10th Gen - Satou Mazaki
5 - Reina Tanaka
Vocaly wise she defenedtly is number 1
She is funny and has an amazing voice but even in the earlyer days she was around here. I don't know i'm not sure where I should put her so I am going to leave her here.
Reina Tanaka
6 - Sayashi Riho
Riho has a nice voice and she is an amazing dancer and she has a cute personality different than what I expected when I first saw her. She might move up as she matures and her voice improves.
9th Gen - Riho Sayashi
7 - Kanon Suzuki
I think she is so funny and cute and a little querky. I really love the 9th Gen probably one of the best gens since there is not one person who I do not like. Her voice is good I can't wait to see how she will sound a few years from now. So for now she will be here.
9th Gen - Kanon Suzuki
8 - Ayumi Ishida
She is an amazing dancer her and Riho are really good but I do not know the 10thgen as well as the 9th gen but from what I have seen she has a nice personality and I really took an interest after I heard her duo with Mizuki Fukumura it was nice there voices mixed nicely together. I want to see how she is a few years from now and how her voice changes and matures.
10th Gen - Ayumi
9 - Haruka Kudou
I love her husky voice but I do not know her that well so I am not sure where I should put her so for now she will be here. The more I get to know the 10th gen the more the positions will change.
10th Gen - Haruka
10 - Haruna Ikubo
Haruna is interesting but I do not pay much atention to her so I do not know her that well and so I will leave her here for now.
10th Gen - Haruna
11 - Sakura Oda
She is lower just because I do not know her too well and I am not sure where to place her. She has an amazing voice it is so powerful espessioly for her age it is amazing.
11th Gen - Sakura Oda

Next Group is S/mileage
I will be honest I like the 4nin better. I started listeding to them when they debuted as a 4nin and I am having a hard time getting used to my favorit member being gone so I am trying to give the new S/mileage a change.
S-mileage group shot
1 - Wada Ayaka
When it was 4nin my favorit order was Saki, Yuuka, Ayaka, Kanon so now that both Saki and Yuuka are gone Ayaka is now my favorit. Her voice is cute and she is interesting.
Ayaka Wada
2 - Fukuda Kanon
The reason why she was last when it was 4nin was because I got a little tired of her cinderella thing and she needed to tone it down I was afraid she would turn into a Momochi but I still like her more than the new gen.
3 - Rina Katsuta
Out of the new gen I have two favorits and to least favorits. She is cute and even though she does not have much lines right now I think later on she will get more and end up amazing some people. So I will wait till then but I must say she is starting to grow on me.
Rina Katsuta
4 - Takeuchi Akari
Again she is one of my favorit new gen. She is not as over hyper as some of the members are and she is good I like her voice. Since I am a huge C-ute fan that is probably why she is so high since she is Miami's family.
Akari Takeuchi
5 - Kana Nakanishi
So these last two smileage members really annoy me they are overly exited and it comes off really rude I was watching a video with all the hello!Project members and so when I saw the way they were acting it really annoyed me. They need to tone it down a bit.
Kana Nakanishi
6 - Meimi Tamura
I find her the most annoying of the two of them in the video I was watching she kept yelling and could'nt sit still.I hope in a few years she tones it down. She is really cute though and her voice is just as cute.
Meimi Tamura

So I will leave it at that for now I am still learning about the new group that was created once I learn more about them then I will post
next time I will do it on my favorit members in all of H!P past and present.


So I finally finished school I am so glad I can just relax and enjoy me self but first I need to make sure I pass my classes.
On the plus side I have a new dance and it is a beautiful dance and for the first time in like 10 years my prop is a kassa (umbrella) I love the dance and the song is so beautiful I can listen to it all day. I wish I knew who the singer is though since it is so beautiful I want to hear more of his songs.

Have you heard the new songs in H!P?

I love them
First C-ute
I love their new song they are growing up and this song is very sexy

There is a dance shot version as well!!!!!

Next one is from Morning Musume
Since they have two I will start with my favorit "Brainstorming"
I love that H!P is startting to put official subtitles on their videos.


The next one is
When I first heard this song I did not like it that much but after I heard it a few times it grew on me now I like it. But I still like brainstorming more.

Ahhhhh. . . . . . .
My first day is done and thankfully I only have to go to school tomorrow and then the rest of the week I have off.
So far school is ok I will wait until the end of next week before I fully judge the program but so far so good but it looks like it is going to be a little hard there is more to the program then what I though. This will be interesting

today I was catching up with a friend from my old program and we were having fun talking about when we were in the program and I kind of miss it.

Also my old dance partner is coming back to the dance club so we get to dance together again after 3 years we both started at the same time 16 years ago so it is cool we get to dance together originally we started off with 12 girls but gradually girls started leaving the club and then theo years the last girl who started with me left for university so then it was just me. I was a little sad thinking about that but now that one of the girls is coming back it will be nice just like old times I am exited and dance practice starts this Friday. I am thankful that I get the day off.

Just got back from my campus tour and I am so tired I hade to wake up at 5am just to get there for 8:30 it takes a while to get there from my house. The school is still being worked on it is a new campus and it is beside the lake it is so beautiful the only thing about it is that because it is still being finished right now a lot of places are of limits until it is done so getting to classes will be a little tricky but as long as I have friends around me we can get lost together instead of getting lost by my self. 

So everything is done but both bottom teeth were hard to come out so I am still healing I have to take it easy on hard foods for a while but other than that I am healed and can go off of my horrible liquid diet
Now I just relax before school starts I might go out for Japanese food before school starts.

Kaibutsu-kun and franken 1
Now that that is done all I have left to do before school starts is get my student discount card ID done and my orientation and that is it then I start school on the 4th

Arashi ni Shiyagare 6
On another note right now I am waiting for Acchan's final performance as an AKB48 member and I am so tired it is 2:16am where I am and I have to get up early to go to go check out my school I want to find out where my orientation is before the orientation.

tumblr_m1fvrs5owp1qhfzm4o3_500          img20120325220003011
I started to cry when Acchan was singing "Yume no Kawa" this made me cry even more I am sad to see her leaving I hope she will continue singing even as a solo artist.

So I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow at 8am (Sigh) although I said I want them out I am still scared I can't stop worrying what if. .  what if I wake up in the middle. . . what if something happens. . . What is a mistake is made. . . what if it takes longer to recover. . . what if is the only thing going through my head and I can only have pureed food right now that will suck but on the plus side I can have milkshakes I have been craving that for a while and my dad is going to take me out to eat for my last dinner tonight for a while so I get to pick where I want to eat I am not too sure where I want to eat but I am thinking Japanese would be good I can have tempura I have been craving some nice hot tempura for a while now.
VS Arashi 10
Arashi ni Shiyagare 3

Oh but I almost forgot I watched Buono!'s pv for Never Gonna Stop and I love it the song the pv I love momochi's voice in this I love that buono! uses Momochi;'s voice the way they do it shows her actual talent when she is trying to be cute and all that it is not the same that is why I like her in Buono! and Airi is cute and beautiful as usual and Miya is just beautiful as always I love all of them in this song

Jul. 29th, 2012

So now that I have some down time I will update. . .

I have been watching the Olympics but I am sad because I missed the Tumbling I love to watch tumbling but I got to watch the woman's gymnastics thankfully I have been trying to do so much this summer because when school starts then I wont have time for anything but because of that I missed the tumbling. I am sure though that it should be posted online so I can still see it.

On to something else I started to do the sketch of a painting I promised a friend and for some reason I just can't seam to get it right sigh I have a feeling this painting will take some time if it ever gets done this year I might put a picture on here.

When I was on facebook I saw a beautiful picture of Airi it is from a magazine and there are 2 other pictures so I will post all three it is Airi Suzuki and Yajima Miami of C-ute

I love the picture of Airi it is so beautiful hard to believe she is already 18 when I see pictures of the Hello!Kids days it hard to believe she has been is Hello!Project for so long and the HelloPro Kids are older then all the new members of Morning Musume when Sayumi and Raina leave Hello!Project then the Hello!Pro Kids will be the oldest members in Hello!Project

Now I will get something to eat for lunch.

Jul. 26th, 2012

So my dad's boss gave the OK to get my wisdom teeth out (Sigh) I am getting really scared I HATE needles and the thought of getting teeth pulled out scares me a lot I know that I will be put to sleep but to do that they have to give you a needle right, sigh I know I have to get this done so I just hope that it does not hurt that much.

On a brighter note have you heard it Momoko Tsugunaga's solo song "Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou"?

I am actually speechless about this I do not know what to think of this.
This is the B side of Berryz Koubou's single Cha Cha Sing

OK so now that dancing is done I have some free time I still have to do things for school but at least I have some rest time and it is needed in this heat honestly there is a heat alert almost everyday I hate heat waves my house has no air conditioning so my house is horrible it is sad when outside is better then inside I swear I stayed inside today and just a little ago I left for the gym and it was better outside I wanted to just live outside. maybe I will go camping before I go back to school. 

So anyways on Sunday we had really bad rain the roof in my room is leaking so when it rains it is horrible but this time was the worst it has ever been I suddenly thought that my room reminded me of in Yamada Taro Monogatari when the roof was leaking and the kids started crying.

It was almost the same except that it was not scattered all over it was in one part of my room but the rain made it worse and it started leaking in a few new spots a lot of my stuff got wet or more it got soaked :( also the gym I go to got flooded as well so now they are closed for two weeks because they have to fix it to make sure it is safe so we can return (darn that rain caused way too much problems)

Oh almost forgot to talk about my performance it was great except for the heat wave and wind everything was going great for my dance but when the part came when we have to swing the ribbons around our body's the wind blew and it wrapped around me and because I was sticky form wearing a Kimono in the heat I was sticky and it stuck to me sigh that was bad but it ended good. A funny thing that happened during the introductions one of the girls in my group who is leaving her uncle was doing the intro and he loves to embarrass her so he took the opportunity to embarrass not just her but me and the other member it was funny it is most differently a memorable performance I enjoyed it very much and I will miss dancing with them.
I bought a necklace with the club flower on it later I will take a picture of it to show.

I think that is it for now.