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Jul. 29th, 2012

So now that I have some down time I will update. . .

I have been watching the Olympics but I am sad because I missed the Tumbling I love to watch tumbling but I got to watch the woman's gymnastics thankfully I have been trying to do so much this summer because when school starts then I wont have time for anything but because of that I missed the tumbling. I am sure though that it should be posted online so I can still see it.

On to something else I started to do the sketch of a painting I promised a friend and for some reason I just can't seam to get it right sigh I have a feeling this painting will take some time if it ever gets done this year I might put a picture on here.

When I was on facebook I saw a beautiful picture of Airi it is from a magazine and there are 2 other pictures so I will post all three it is Airi Suzuki and Yajima Miami of C-ute

I love the picture of Airi it is so beautiful hard to believe she is already 18 when I see pictures of the Hello!Kids days it hard to believe she has been is Hello!Project for so long and the HelloPro Kids are older then all the new members of Morning Musume when Sayumi and Raina leave Hello!Project then the Hello!Pro Kids will be the oldest members in Hello!Project

Now I will get something to eat for lunch.