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So I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow at 8am (Sigh) although I said I want them out I am still scared I can't stop worrying what if. .  what if I wake up in the middle. . . what if something happens. . . What is a mistake is made. . . what if it takes longer to recover. . . what if is the only thing going through my head and I can only have pureed food right now that will suck but on the plus side I can have milkshakes I have been craving that for a while and my dad is going to take me out to eat for my last dinner tonight for a while so I get to pick where I want to eat I am not too sure where I want to eat but I am thinking Japanese would be good I can have tempura I have been craving some nice hot tempura for a while now.
VS Arashi 10
Arashi ni Shiyagare 3

Oh but I almost forgot I watched Buono!'s pv for Never Gonna Stop and I love it the song the pv I love momochi's voice in this I love that buono! uses Momochi;'s voice the way they do it shows her actual talent when she is trying to be cute and all that it is not the same that is why I like her in Buono! and Airi is cute and beautiful as usual and Miya is just beautiful as always I love all of them in this song