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So I finally finished school I am so glad I can just relax and enjoy me self but first I need to make sure I pass my classes.
On the plus side I have a new dance and it is a beautiful dance and for the first time in like 10 years my prop is a kassa (umbrella) I love the dance and the song is so beautiful I can listen to it all day. I wish I knew who the singer is though since it is so beautiful I want to hear more of his songs.

Have you heard the new songs in H!P?

I love them
First C-ute
I love their new song they are growing up and this song is very sexy

There is a dance shot version as well!!!!!

Next one is from Morning Musume
Since they have two I will start with my favorit "Brainstorming"
I love that H!P is startting to put official subtitles on their videos.


The next one is
When I first heard this song I did not like it that much but after I heard it a few times it grew on me now I like it. But I still like brainstorming more.