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Really Spam

I am actually surprised that some one would spam my journal what is more annoying is that it was in a different language so I did not understand it it is really annoying if you are going to spam people at least send it to people who can understand it. I looked at the comments on the video and was surprised majority of the comments were from other LJ users who were spammed and also have the same thoughts as me.

To the person who spammed my please don't bother doing it again it is just a waste of time for people like me who do not understand they the video is even about.

Just letting it out.

Uh today was one of the worst experiences I have ever had at the dentist I was getting a filling fixed and half way through the numbing started to wear off and I felt everything it was so painful I started to cry. My dentist gave me two needles but they took effect at the end so I felt everything until the end. When I left the dentist I had a hard time speaking I am still sore where I got two of the needles it hurts to laugh. Next thing I have to get done at the dentist is my wisdom teeth I honestly do not get why we have to have these teeth grow in if only later on they have to be pulled out.
I feel that this picture shows how I feel.

On a better note the flyers for my performance are already made I hope a lot of people will come for this year I am so exited plus because of the ribbon dance I am starting to lose weight and my arms are stronger. Also we already picked out the kimono I am going to wear for the dance and it is my favorite color lime green.
Here is the poster I noticed that they made a mistake on it. The year is wrong it is 2012 not 2011.

Here is a video from last year.

Here is a video of the dance I am going to be preforming.

This is a video of my dance clubs 25th anniversary it has clips of every performance it is short but you can see all the hard work we did so please enjoy (I did 3 dances in this video)

Jun. 10th, 2012

I was really busy running around getting things done for school and getting ready for my performance that is coming up on the 24th so I could not sit down and actually write something so now that I have the chance I am going to write it now.

Today was the first time I got to get back to my Facebook page and when I did I found out that the link to the NazoDi SP was posted there with out the permission of the subber it would be nice if people would not post it to streaming sites if the subber or community tells you to not do it. Doing something like that will only make it harder to sub things, it is sad to think that even though they are told what sharing could do people still will break the rules.
I have deleted the link from my page, I wish I noticed it earlier but because I did not have much time on the computer I did not notice.

Kageyama is shocked and disappointed that some one would do that.

On another note my performance that is coming up is at a nursing home and I am so exited my dance club does this performance every year and all the elderly love it and that makes me happy to think that doing something like this would make some one happy.
I just have one more performance then I am done for the season.

Lately I have been so addicted to Arashi's single Face Down I love it but some one pointed out during one of the performances of Face Down Ninomiya Kazunari was really struggling two times he had to lean on something. That started to worry me I hope these boys do not over work them selves. Right now I am worried about Sho because he is really busy he has a lot of things going on this summer like the Olympics and the movie. Lets hope that that they do not over work them selves.

OK this is all for now I am tired so I will see of I can post something tomorrow.

I will leave you with this picture of Aiba Masaki.


Today I deiced to do a pic spam of the group that got me into JE (Johnny's Entertainment)
NEWS!!!! The first ever group I listened to was NEWS I started listening to them in 2005 and then I got addicted to them I was sad to find out the the group had went on hiatus because of what happened with Uchi and Kusano. I kept listening to their older music waiting for them to make their comeback in that time I started looking around for some more music. While I was searching I found Arashi thought at the time I only listened a little bit I was not as big a fan as I am now well on my Arashi pic spam I will talk about it.
Then after waiting a late Christmas present came NEWS was going to come out with a new single and one of my favorite songs from them "Hoshi wo Mezashite". Everything was great until it stooped again after Sakura Girl their last single as a 6 member group. It was a long wait so I started looking for some new groups/singers again and I found SMAP, TOKIO and Kanjani8.
After a really long wait I heard news I knew was going to come but still could not believe Ryo and Yamapi were leaving NEWS. Ryo was going to focus on Kanjani8 and Yamapi going solo I decided I will still support both NEWS, Ryo and Yamapi. Now NEWS is having their come back and I am so exited they came out with their best of NEWS album I want it but sadly I do not have a credit cars so unless there is a way to get it with cash I am out of luck.. Yamapi came out with Ai, Texas and his dvd rout 66 (I think that is what it is called). To be honest I have not listened to any of Kanjani8's new music it is a little hard considering that Ryo chose Kanjani8 over NEWS I liked NEWS more then Kanjani8.
That is a little bit of how I knew NEWS now for the pic spam.

From their debute when they were a 9 member group. NEWS Nippon!!!

I love this picture

Mature NEWS

(suddenly I cant put any pictures I will wait them try to upload more later)


I am so happy today for a few reasons
One is that C-ute and Berryz Koubou are relising another single together and the I saw the covers and I love them.

Here are the single covers.
Regular Edition

Limited Edition A
(This is my favorite one)

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition C

Limited Edition D
The single is CHOU Happy Song and it is a combenation of C-ute's song Shiawase no Tochuu and Berryz Koubou's song Because happiness.

The second reason why I am happy is because Arashi surpasses 6,000,000 mark for total sales of their DVDs. Arashi broke broke their own record of total DVD sales figure for an artist. Morning Musume is in second place by selling 2,724,000 copies of DVD’s.

I really wanted to go to this so I am sad that I couldn't go.

The other reason why I am happy is because for the program I am going into I have to get needles and I have a huge fear of needles I HATE them and dread getting them but for the program I am going into it involves getting a few. I have to get 3 needles but thankfully today I got the two most painful ones done now all that is left is to get a flu shot and that is it for the year. Also yes I have been getting the "are you stupid" from people who know me because I hate needles but every job I would want to do involves getting some type of needle. SIGH what can I do I am just thankful it is over for now. Oh!! also there is a bubble tea place that opened up near me and I love bubble tea so that also put me in a good mood.

Well that is it sorry that my journal is so boring but if it is interesting to you. You can add me as a friend I would be happy.
So after a break from most things I was able to finish some more dramas. I just finished BOSS (Season 1), Keizoku 2: SPEC (SP), Kamisama no Karute (Movie), Yellow Tears (Movie), Shinjuku Boy Detectives (Movie). I just realized that it is mostly movies I forgot some of the shows though. If I remember I will post it.

so once again here is the summary of the Dramas and Movies. I will start with the SP.
Keizoku 2: SPEC Special
I absolutely love this drama not only because it has a lot of people I like in it, but because it is so funny and interesting. One thing that surprised me was who made a guest appearance. I am a huge Hello!Project fan so I was surprised when I saw Mano Erina in it, For those who do not know her here is her picture.
Mano Erina is a solo artist in H!P. Two of my favorite songs from her are Genkimono de Ikou! and Uchi e Kaerou. She is surprisingly good at acting I have seen some H!P member act before and some of them are not too good at it but I like hers.
Back to the SP I loved it. Funny as uaiuall I loved the jokes they made the best one was about Heavy Rotation (Heavy Rotation is an AKB48 song and I like it) This seris I can re watch it is just that good.

The reason why I watched this was because 3 of my favorite Johnny's were in it. it was funny but most of the time I kept thinking man they are so young. Matsumoto Jun (in the middle) looks so cute here I loved when he was young he was adorable

Yes another Arashi movie what can I say they are addictive. I thought this movie was a little boring compared to all the other movies they have done together but I did like it. Matsumoto's character barely made an appearance in this movie but I liked his character he was cute. But out of all parts the most shocking part was the bath scene and seeing Sakurai's butt. I hear about it but I never knew what movie or show it was but now I do. I thought that it was quite interesting it does teach you a few lessons I have never seen Arashi in such a way before I though their acting was very good.

I loved this movie and not because Sho was in it (well I have to admit that was the reason why I watched it in the first place) the movie was emotional I cryed in it I thought that it acted out beautifully it is a really touching movie.

Last one is the only drama I put

I loved this show the first season was the best it was funny, intense and over all a good drama The only thing I don't like is that in the second season Toda Erica is not going to be in it she is only making apperances. Well so far I have only seen the first two episodes. The only reason why I am even watching it is because Mizobata Junpei is still in it and I love him. But Toda was my favorit for sure so that is why it is going to take a while to finish the second seasion. Back to the first season another thing I loved was one of my favorit actors Yamada Takayuki makes a guest apperiance in episode 4 - 5.

Just Finished

So today I finished watching 3 dramas the first one was "Love Keeps going on" it is a Taiwanese drama the second one is "Shining Inheritance" a Korean drama and the last one is Spring Waltz another Korean one. I have a long list of Asian dramas and movies to watch so I started to go through them before I start any others and I just finished these three but my list is still long I need to make it shorter I am almost done a few more.

Here is a discription of the dramas for the people who don't know them.

Love Keeps Going
Staring: Cyndi Wang as Zha Mei Le and Mike He as Han Yi Lie
It all started when Zha Mei Le was just a little girl; she was care free and not really bright. She overheard her parents agreeing to a divorce and deciding which child should stay with who, both of them didn't want Mei Le, so Mei Le decided to change that. She started doing her best at everything, being well behaved, caring, obedient and even smart! She had tons of certificates, everyone enjoyed to be with her at work, and her boss just admired her hard work. That's how she even met her boyfriend Han Yi Feng; through her kind and caring soul, even his family loved her.. except his brother, Han Yi Lei. Kind heart-ed Mei Le, was just doing a favor that her boyfriend asked: to pick Yi Lei at the airport, and right from the start, the two of them disliked each other. But on the other hand, Mei Le was also trying really hard to fulfill her boyfriend's dream of owning a bakery. But when she finds out the her relationship with Yi Feng, isn't as pure as she thought it was, she finds her self with his brother! See how this drama unfolds, when things begin to heat up! Find Out on Love Keeps Going!

Shining Inheritance
Staring: Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung, Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan. Bae Soo Bin as Park Joon Sae and Moon Char Won as Yoo Seung Mi
This will be focusing on the love and trials of the 20 year old generation. Go Eun Sung's life is similar to Cinderella's. After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to become a chef at a food company. The grandson of the food company, Sun Woo Hwan, notices Eun Sung and falls in love with her.
(note: this barley describes the show but it is the shortest one I can find all the others are too long)

Spring Waltz
Staring: Han Hyo Jo as Park Eun Young, Seo Do Young as Yoon Jae Ha, Daniel Henry as Phillip and Lee So Yeon as Song Yi Na
Will the tragedy of spring be repeated years later?
To escape debt, Lee Su Ho’s father escaped to a remote island where his friend has a young daughter Eun Young, who is the same age as Su Ho. After being abandoned by his father, Su Ho sought to leave, but his mind changed after being touched by Eun Young’s pure heart. A series of unfortunate events ensue, and Su Ho disappears, while Eun Young is sick in the hospital.
Years later, while traveling in Austria, Eun Young meets the talented pianist Jae Ha, a man with a cold exterior with a few words, who bores a resemblance to Su Ho. As their love start to develop, the truth unfolds… Can their love endure the harsh spring tragedy many years ago?

Well that is it for now I will post again when I finish some more dramas.

Just letting it out.

I am so tired yesterday we had to rush my brother to the hospital early in the morning. I was surprised at how the long it took just to get him looked at the doctors and nurses were having a conversation about the weather while people are in pain all I heard besides them talking was people puking and screaming in pain but they ignored them. This was my first time in the emergency and I never want to go back it was horrible my opinion of hospitals changed so much.

On a lighter note I was watching Ohno Satoshi's drama Kagi no Kakatta Heya and I love it it is so funny Enomoto is interesting and funny I love when he gets carried away when talking about locks. Ohno is doing a great job in this drama each episode is interesting.
Here is a lot of Enomoto for you.

I heard the full version of Arashi's new single Your Eyes and I love it. Your Eyes is the theme song for Aiba Masaki's drama Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri. I also really love this drama it is so funny the only problem I have is that the episodes are raw so I can't understand it my Japanese is limited so I wish I could find who is subbing this. If anybody knows let me know and thank you in advance.

Ohno Satoshi Picspam

I am too tired to talk tonight so I will just do a picspam so enjoy.
Today's picspam will be of Ohno Satoshi my favorite leader. The reason why is because i have been seeing clips of Arashi's new single "Face Down" which is being used as the theme song for Ohno's drama Kagi no Kakatta Heya. I like the song. So I decided to do a picspam of Ohno since the song is used in his drama.

Here is the description of Ohno's drama
Kagi no Kakatta Heya is based on a novel by author Kishi Yusuke. Ohno plays an employee of a major security company who has to unravel various incidents. The series falls under the ?locked room? mystery genre, in which crimes are committed under seemingly impossible circumstances (such as within a room with no apparent means of escape). Ohno?s character has an obsession with studying keys and locks, giving him an advantage in solving each mystery.

I recently came upon this picture.

I like this picture.

I love the look he is giving the sward.

Younger days

I don't know who is more cute Ohno or the dog.

I will do one more picture then call it a night.

I like this picture because it shows a mature Ohno. He looks so hansom.

And this is the end of this picspam I will be off now.
So I have been practicing contently so I have not been on for a while I just started getting back on the computer this week so now I have some down time I am going to do a little entry.

Since it has been years since I did this ribbon dance I am using muscles I have not used in a long time so I kept pulling my muscles in both my arms and legs (sigh) thankfully after a few weeks of pain I stopped pulling my muscles but I have to make sure I stretch after every practice or I will regret it. The dance in coming along great now I just have to work on gaining some arm muscles because it is so hard as it is now to have those big ribbons in the air contently for over 3mins.

Right now I am addicted to a few songs and and watching a Japanese drama I really love do you guys know H2. Right now I am watching this drama it has been on my watch list for a while now. It is starring one of my favorite actors (non Johnny's) Yamada Takayuki as the lead Kunimi Hiro I seen him in Fire Boys, BOSS, Lunch no Joou, Water Boys, Taiyo no Uta and in Long Love Letter also some movies he has been in that I have seen are CROWS ZERO (1+2) GANTZ, and 13 Assassins. Also Ichikawa Yui is in it as well she is one of my favorite actresses. The dramas I have seen her in are Gogusen, Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru, Kurosagi, RESCUE, My Girl, LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ and Muscle Girl. Anyways the reason why I started to watch this besides the fact that it has some actors I like is also because I love baseball and this revolves around baseball I am so exited I get to go to a game this summer with my family we all love baseball so I am looking forward to it.

I don't have much going on in my life right now besides that so sorry for this boring journal but this is a good way for me to just vent or release some of my stress. .

I leave you with a few pictures

Right now I am listening to Buono! and the song is My Alright Sky I love this song because it is Airi's Solo song well the other members are singing backup for it. It is a beautiful song Airi is so talented. Lately I have been mostly been listening to Buono! and Arashi interesting combo right.

Ah Arashi why must you be so addictive your songs your shows everything. Lately all I have been listening to is Arashi (and Buono!) Well I am not complaining I enjoy watching these dorky, good looking and funny guys.

Ah Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de I wanted to see the SP so bad but sadly since I do not know Japanese well I can sort of comprehend what is going on but I don't know if I can survive it raw. Sad face I keep hearing from people who have seen it that it was good and I saw spoilers so now I really need to watch it.