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OK so now that dancing is done I have some free time I still have to do things for school but at least I have some rest time and it is needed in this heat honestly there is a heat alert almost everyday I hate heat waves my house has no air conditioning so my house is horrible it is sad when outside is better then inside I swear I stayed inside today and just a little ago I left for the gym and it was better outside I wanted to just live outside. maybe I will go camping before I go back to school. 

So anyways on Sunday we had really bad rain the roof in my room is leaking so when it rains it is horrible but this time was the worst it has ever been I suddenly thought that my room reminded me of in Yamada Taro Monogatari when the roof was leaking and the kids started crying.

It was almost the same except that it was not scattered all over it was in one part of my room but the rain made it worse and it started leaking in a few new spots a lot of my stuff got wet or more it got soaked :( also the gym I go to got flooded as well so now they are closed for two weeks because they have to fix it to make sure it is safe so we can return (darn that rain caused way too much problems)

Oh almost forgot to talk about my performance it was great except for the heat wave and wind everything was going great for my dance but when the part came when we have to swing the ribbons around our body's the wind blew and it wrapped around me and because I was sticky form wearing a Kimono in the heat I was sticky and it stuck to me sigh that was bad but it ended good. A funny thing that happened during the introductions one of the girls in my group who is leaving her uncle was doing the intro and he loves to embarrass her so he took the opportunity to embarrass not just her but me and the other member it was funny it is most differently a memorable performance I enjoyed it very much and I will miss dancing with them.
I bought a necklace with the club flower on it later I will take a picture of it to show.

I think that is it for now.