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So everything is done but both bottom teeth were hard to come out so I am still healing I have to take it easy on hard foods for a while but other than that I am healed and can go off of my horrible liquid diet
Now I just relax before school starts I might go out for Japanese food before school starts.

Kaibutsu-kun and franken 1
Now that that is done all I have left to do before school starts is get my student discount card ID done and my orientation and that is it then I start school on the 4th

Arashi ni Shiyagare 6
On another note right now I am waiting for Acchan's final performance as an AKB48 member and I am so tired it is 2:16am where I am and I have to get up early to go to go check out my school I want to find out where my orientation is before the orientation.

tumblr_m1fvrs5owp1qhfzm4o3_500          img20120325220003011
I started to cry when Acchan was singing "Yume no Kawa" this made me cry even more I am sad to see her leaving I hope she will continue singing even as a solo artist.