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Ahhhhh. . . . . . .
My first day is done and thankfully I only have to go to school tomorrow and then the rest of the week I have off.
So far school is ok I will wait until the end of next week before I fully judge the program but so far so good but it looks like it is going to be a little hard there is more to the program then what I though. This will be interesting

today I was catching up with a friend from my old program and we were having fun talking about when we were in the program and I kind of miss it.

Also my old dance partner is coming back to the dance club so we get to dance together again after 3 years we both started at the same time 16 years ago so it is cool we get to dance together originally we started off with 12 girls but gradually girls started leaving the club and then theo years the last girl who started with me left for university so then it was just me. I was a little sad thinking about that but now that one of the girls is coming back it will be nice just like old times I am exited and dance practice starts this Friday. I am thankful that I get the day off.